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Environmental Services

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

With a deep understanding of our ecosystem's intricacies and a wealth of expertise in remote sensing and data analysis, we deliver actionable insights that empower governments, organisations, and individuals to make informed decisions for a greener and more sustainable future.



AlphaForestry utilises Earth Observation data to protect and manage forests sustainably, aiding conservationists and forest managers in preserving biodiversity and combatting deforestation.


AlphaFarm gives you a variety of environmental insights about your farm through our remote sensing algorithms, near real-time cloud computing dashboard and easy-to-understand visualisation. Just draw a box in your area, it is that simple.


AlphaProjects provides tailored geospatial consultancy services to address diverse environmental challenges, offering innovative solutions for organisations or individuals seeking to leverage EO technology effectively.

What We Do


Forest Management

Leveraging satellite imagery and AI to monitor forests, assess biodiversity, and contribute to sustainable conservation efforts.


Precision Agriculture

Empowering farmers with data-driven insights for optimised crop health, yield predictions, and efficient resource management.


Urban Planning

Providing geospatial solutions for smart city development, infrastructure optimisation, and efficient urban growth.


Ecological Research

Supporting ecological studies through advanced geospatial analysis, enabling deeper understanding of complex ecosystems and habitats.


Environmental Monitoring

Using remote sensing to track changes in ecosystems, water bodies, and land cover, aiding in climate change analysis.


Disaster Management

Utilising real-time satellite data to assess and respond to natural disasters, enhancing preparedness and response strategies.

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