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AlphaProjects is our specialised geospatial consultancy service, tailored to meet your diverse and dynamic GIS and EO needs. Our team of experts collaborates with clients across various industries to deliver innovative and customised geospatial products and solutions, from simple to complex. 

Key Details

Key Features

Availability - United Kingdom

Price - Negotiable - Contact us

  • Tailored Geospatial Solutions: We understand that each client's geospatial challenges are unique. AlphaProjects excels in crafting customised GIS and EO solutions that precisely address your specific requirements.

  • Cross-Industry Expertise: Whether you're in agriculture, forestry, urban planning, environmental conservation, or any other sector, AlphaProjects has the knowledge and experience to provide insights and solutions that drive meaningful results.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We leverage the latest GIS and EO technologies, including remote sensing, machine learning and cloud computing to deliver accurate and actionable information to our clients.

  • Data Integration: AlphaProjects excels in integrating multiple data sources, including satellite imagery, drones, and ground-based data, to provide comprehensive and insightful analyses.

  • Problem Solving: Our consultancy service is all about solving complex problems. We thrive on tackling challenges, from optimising crop yields to supporting disaster management and urban planning.

Other Products 


AlphaForestry utilises Earth Observation data to protect and manage forests sustainably, aiding conservationists and forest managers in preserving biodiversity and combatting deforestation.


AlphaFarm gives you a variety of environmental insights about your farm through our remote sensing algorithms, real-time cloud computing dashboard and easy-to-understand visualisation. Just draw a box in your area, it is that simple.


AlphaPlanning leverages EO solutions for urban development, assisting city planners in creating efficient, green urban environments, from optimizing infrastructure to ensuring environmental sustainability.

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