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AlphaForestry utilises Earth Observation data to protect and manage forests sustainably, aiding conservationists and forest managers in preserving biodiversity and combatting deforestation.


AlphaFarm gives you a variety of environmental insights about your farm through our remote sensing algorithms, real-time cloud computing dashboard and easy-to-understand visualisation. Just draw a box in your area, it is that simple.


AlphaProjects provides tailored geospatial consultancy services to address diverse environmental challenges, offering innovative solutions for organisations or individuals seeking to leverage EO technology effectively.



AlphaPlanning is our cutting-edge solution designed to address urban planning and development challenges using Earth Observation (EO) technology. By harnessing the power of geospatial data and analytics, AlphaPlanning offers a range of features and benefits that revolutionize urban development practices.

Key Details

  • Land Use Classification: AlphaPlanning provides detailed land use and land cover classification, helping urban planners make informed decisions about zoning, infrastructure development, and environmental preservation.

  • Population Density Analysis: Our platform offers insights into population distribution, enabling cities to plan for housing, transportation, and essential services efficiently.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring: AlphaPlanning monitors the condition of urban infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and public buildings, facilitating proactive maintenance and safety measures.

  • Traffic Flow Analysis: By analysing traffic patterns and congestion, our solution aids in optimizing transportation networks, reducing congestion, and improving overall mobility.

  • Green Spaces and Environmental Management: We support the preservation and expansion of green areas within urban landscapes, promoting urban biodiversity and enhancing the quality of life.

  • Emergency Response and Disaster Management: AlphaPlanning offers real-time monitoring for disaster-prone areas, enabling rapid response and recovery efforts during emergencies.

  • Construction Site Monitoring: Our platform assists construction companies and authorities in monitoring ongoing projects for compliance with regulations and timelines.

  • Historical Data Analysis: By analysing historical EO data, AlphaPlanning provides insights into long-term trends, aiding in long-range urban planning and policy formulation.

Key Features

Availability - Worldwide

Release Date - TBC

Price - Free, Paid

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