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AlphaForestry is our specialized solution for sustainable forest management and environmental conservation. We leverage cutting-edge remote sensing and geospatial technologies to address critical challenges in forestry and preserve Earth's valuable forest resources.

Key Details

  • Forest Health Assessment: AlphaForestry provides real-time monitoring of forest health, enabling early detection of diseases, pests, and stress factors that can threaten forest ecosystems.

  • Biomass Estimation: Accurate estimation of forest biomass helps in sustainable timber harvesting and carbon accounting, contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.

  • Species Composition Analysis: Our platform identifies and quantifies tree species within forests, assisting in biodiversity conservation and management.

  • Carbon Sequestration Measurement: AlphaForestry calculates carbon sequestration rates, supporting carbon offset programs and sustainable forest management practices.

  • Deforestation Detection: By detecting changes in forest cover, our system helps combat illegal logging and promotes responsible forest management.

  • Wildlife Habitat Mapping: We aid in mapping and monitoring wildlife habitats within forests, facilitating conservation efforts and wildlife protection.

  • Forest Fire Risk Assessment: Our technology assesses forest fire risks by analysing historical data and environmental factors, enhancing fire prevention strategies.

Key Features

Availability - United Kingdom

Other Products 


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