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AlphaEO shortlisted as an incredible businesses taking part in ‘Venture into Space’

In an era where innovation and technology continue to break boundaries, the significance of space technology in addressing earthly challenges has never been more pronounced. It's with immense pride and boundless excitement that we, at AlphaEO, announce our acceptance into the illustrious 'Venture into Space' programme. A collaboration between UKBAA, Type One Ventures, and backed by The UK Space Agency, this initiative stands at the forefront of space tech innovation.

The 'Venture into Space' programme, recently unveiled by UKBAA and Type One Ventures, is a testament to the burgeoning potential within the space tech sector. Supported by the UK Space Agency, this initiative is designed to catapult the ambitions of ten high-growth space tech enterprises into the stratosphere. AlphaEO is both humbled and exhilarated to be counted among these pioneers.

We are excited to meet and network with the 9 other exceptional members of the cohort as shown below:

UKBAA and Type One Ventures recently launched a joint ‘Venture into Space’ programme, backed by UK Space Agency. Find out more in their announcement here


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